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Well it finally happened !

We now do too many goodies for the Bird to go on one page
Bird goodies are now split up into plastics ( and similar ) and harder goods such as mirror extenders
All items are listed alphabetically below.

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ButtFlap Bar ends ( stainless and Anodised ) Air filters Alternator cover
Chain guard ( metal ) Bar risers battery chargers Alternator windings
Ducktail Brake delinking kits Brake Caliper kits Batteries
Fairing bolt kits Brake disks ( plain and wavy ) Brake disks Fork seals
Fenda Extenda Brake pads Brake pads Head stock bearings
Filler cap protector Brake lines ( stainless ) Cam Chain tensioners HID Headlight lamps
Frame plugs Capless bulbs ( EFI tail ) Chain+sprocket/ Cushdrive rubbers Polishing
Grab rail replacement inserts Chain oilers Fairing clips Powder coating
Headlight protectors Clear indicator lenses ( front and rear ) Fork legs Radiators
Huggers Clear tail light lenses Fork Springs and upgrades Refinishing
Indiglow glow in the dark dial faces Exhaust cans Oil cooler pipes Regulator/rectifiers
Master cylinder covers Footpegs Oil filters S-DOC 100 cleaner
Nose cones Footpegs lowerering kits Oil filter wrench Wheel bearings
Pillion grips Fork preload caps Petrol pipe clamps
Screens ( DB etc ) Frame plugs Puncture repair kit
Seat cowls Heated grips Rear dampers ( new or rebuild yours )
Seats Headlight bulb Replacement /upgraded reg-recs
Shrooms Indicator hole tidy's Spark plugs
Tank pads Indiglow glow in the dark dial faces Suspension upgrades / mods and fixes
Undertrays LED replacement stop tail lamps Tyre pressure gauges
Yoke protectors Licence plate light strip Tyre valve caps
Master Cylinder covers
Mirror arm extenders
Mini indicators
Tax disk holders
Radiator protection grills
    Throttle cables        
    Tyre valve caps        
    Vent hole grills        
    Vista and other Cruise Controls        

WE STRONGLY recommend you ask us about postage insurance.
Without it, if an item is lost or damaged you will loose out as there is nothing we will be able to do to help
Click here to buy shipping insurance

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